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Professional Development

Strong Start LogoThanks for visiting the PD page!  August 6 through 25 have been set for Employee Inservice / Work Days prior to school starting on August 26.  On this page you will find links to PD schedules.  If you have questions about the sessions posted, please contact the facilitator for that session.  Also, these schedules are definitely subject to change.  If a session changes, we will let your administrator know and they’ll inform you of the change.


Inservice Master Schedule 2020    <--- Click the title to go to the document.
On this schedule, you can easily see groups addressed at the right under the TAG column.  Within the session postings you will find WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and sometimes HOW.  There may also be a note to bring something specific to the session.  If you print the document, it is better printed on legal size paper.


Elementary ONLY Back to School Inservice Schedule<--- Click the title to go to the document.