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Cybersecurity Awareness

RS 42:1267 encacted in June 2020 requires that each public servant complete Cybersecurity Training annually by calendar year. This includes full-time, part-time, contracted, substitute, student workers, and any other person receiving compensation through Ouachita Parish School System.  New employees must complete the training within the first thirty days of initial service or employment.

The link to training can only be accessed through the school system network. The training is about 30 minutes long, requires that you click through, and includes questions to be answered correctly for completion. At the end of the training, you will be able to print a completion certificate. If you fail to print the certificate, there will be no proof that you completed the training.

1) There are no live or DVD presentations of the training. Each employee must complete it online through the link below.
2) The training will say 2020, but it is the correct training and will have your correct completion date on the certiticate.

Once you have completed the training(s): 
1) print and give your certificate of completion to your direct supervisor to keep on file at your location
2) complete and sign the verification form that your supervisor has been provided.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training   « « « Click the link

For questions, contact Kelly Smith, 318-432-5225 or

Form information about the law enacted for this training, go to