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Preventing Sexual Harassment

ACT 270 of the 2018 Regular Session requires that each public servant complete a minimum of one hour of preventing sexual harassment training annually by calendar year. This includes full-time, part-time, contracted, substitute, student workers, and any other person receiving compensation through Ouachita Parish School System.

There are two “Preventing Sexual Harassment Training” video links—one for employees and one for leadershipIF YOU SERVE IN A SUPERVISORY CAPACITY (i.e., principal, supervisor, director, coordinator, assistants, etc., where you have employees assigned under your leadership), YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE BOTH OF THE TRAININGS!!


These links can only be accessed through the school system network. Each training is one hour long and will include questions to be answered correctly for completion. At the end of the training, you will be able to print a completion certificate. NOTE:  There are no live or DVD presentations of the training. Each employee must complete it online through the links below. If you fail to print your certificate, there will be no proof that you completed the training.


Once you have completed the training(s), 1) print and give your certificate of completion to your direct supervisor to keep on file at your location, and 2) complete and sign the verification form that your supervisor has been provided.

Note:  When you begin the training, the video title will say 2019.  That is the correct training.


Preventing Sexual Harassment Training   
Click title to access the training.

This course is designed to raise awareness regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. The course contains interviews with individuals who are considered field experts on the topic and prevention of sexual harassment. This course offers general knowledge of what could be considered sexual harassment along with practical steps that can be taken to prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace. This course also offers printable resources that can be used to assist with increasing awareness and/or responding to potentially sexually harassing situations. This course meets the 1 hour training requirement as outlined ACT 270 of the 2018 regular session.


Preventing Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors  
Click title to access the training.

This course is designed to raise the awareness of supervisors regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. The course includes a self-assessment to help supervisors identify potential areas for improvement. The course also presents practical strategies supervisors can use to prevent sexual harassment in our workplace. This course meets the requirements for supervisors to receive training on preventing sexual harassment as required by ACT 270 of the 2018 regular session.



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