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Policies Under Consideration for School Board Vote

School Board Members receive policies for review prior to voting at scheduled meetings.  Any policies being considered will be posted here for public review.  The OPSB Policy Manual can be found in full on our website.  Link:  OPSB POLICY MANUAL


Policies Currently Under Review



Policies Approved November 9, 2021

JCD-21 Student Conduct

JCDAB-21 Student Alcohol and Drug Use

JCDAC-21 Dangerous Weapons

JD-21 Discipline

JDD-21 Suspension

JDE-21 Expulsion

BE-21 School Board Ethics

ID-21 Curriculum

IDCC-21 Kindergarten

IDDF-21 Education of Students with Exceptionalities

JBA-21 Compulsory School Attendance Ages

JBC-21 School Admission

JBCE-21 Public School Choice

JR-21 Student Privacy and Education Records