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6 - 8 Home Learning Resources

6 - 8 Math

IReady Online Instruction- Students use the same iReady login as they did while in school.

Click here to login to iReady.

Continue using the printed review materials supplemented with Khan Academy videos.

Links follow:

Grade 6: Packet 1 Review

Grade 6: Review Answer KEY

Grade 6: Khan Academy Review Videos

Grade 7: Packet 1 Review

Grade 7: Key Review Answer KEY

Grade 7: Khan Academy Review Videos

Grade 8: Packet 1 Review

Grade 8: Key Review Answer KEY

Grade 8: Khan Academy Review Videos


EAGLE standards based review materials (printed April 14 for those without internet access) 

Grade 6: Packet 2 Expressions & Equations

Grade 6: Answer Key Expressions & Equations

Grade 7: Packet 2 Ratios & Proportions

Grade 7: Answer Key Ratios & Proportions

Grade 8: Packet 2 Expressions & Equation

Grade 8: Answer Key Expressions & Equations


6-8 ELA

IReady Online Instruction- Students use the same iReady login as they did while in school.

Click here to login to iReady.

Ready/iReady as assigned by the teacher.

Grade 6

Printed materials
Packet One

Grade Answer Key

Grade 7  Printed Materials

Packet One

7 Answer Key

Grade 8  Printed Materials

Packet One

Grade 8 Answer Key



6-8 Science


Amplify Science

Discovery Education


Continue to use teacher page and google classroom for suggested links and assignments

6-8 Social STudies

Instructional Tasks for 6th:

The Spread of World Religions

West African Kingdoms

The Decline of Feudalism

Instructional Tasks for 7th:


Slavery Compromises



Instructional Tasks for 8th:

Civil Rights Movement

Impact of Citizens.

Specialization in Louisiana’s Economy.


Also, the Studies Weekly online platform has social studies curriculum aligned to Louisiana standards for grades 4 and 5. 

To access these resources:


Password: 1234



6-8 accomodations








read aloud How to add the Read Aloud Text to Speech Extension – click here.

(You must have a Google Account and a Chrome Web Browser to add the extension.  Directions for that here).

Speech to Text option in Google Docs – Directions here.




Articulation Word List

Everyday Speech Development Activities

Parent Letter






3-5 ape




6-8 students with dissabilities


Occupational Therapy for Homework Tips

Learning Through Play

Fine Motors and Visual Perception Activities

Highlight Paper wide








6-8 Curriculum for Students with Significant Disabilities

Light and Sound

Articulation Word List   

Speech Development Activities

Parent Letter

How Do You Feel?

School Clinic

                                                                                                                                         Eyes with waving hands     

                           A little something extra for you here.