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Sterlington High School hosts active shooter drill

Posted Date: 02/20/2024

Sterlington High School hosted a joint exercise for Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sterlington Police Department, Ouachita Fire Department, Acadian Ambulance Service, Ouachita 911, LSU Ochsner Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, LERN (Louisiana Emergency Response Network) and Homeland Security on Tuesday.

The active shooter drill served as an exercise to prepare for what procedures need to take place if a situation of an active shooting ever occurred. Tracy Hilburn, Emergency Networking Contractor with Homeland Security, worked closely with Jason McMillon, Chief of Training for the Ouachita Parish Fire Department to address every detail from the action of the law enforcement to the assistance of the medical team following the aftermath of a shooting.

Also, approximately 80 ULM and Delta School of Nursing students volunteered their help as student role players at the school and at the two hospitals.

"We are so appreciative of our law enforcement and first responder partners for their efforts every day in keeping our schools safe,” said Todd Guice, Superintendent of the Ouachita Parish School System. “We always stand ready to provide our facilities for their training exercises, whether it is related to the safety and security of our schools or our community as a whole."

No students were present during this drill, as Tuesday was a teacher in-service day.

The Ouachita Parish School Board and school faculty work closely with the Sheriff’s Office and area First Responders work closely on a continual basis to help prepare everyone involved in the event of a critical incident. The ongoing training includes policies and planning coupled with live training such as this exercise.

“We conduct this type of training hoping that we never have to use it, but to ensure that if it does happen, we have response plans in place so that our Deputies, local first responders, school faculty and medical personnel are prepared” said Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell.